Regal International are investment specialists introducing financial products to a wide range of International financial advisers, and institutional clients. Our success comes from our drive to introduce a  range of products and services to meet the needs of our clients whatever the market conditions.


Our business philosophy is built upon the belief that traditional equity investments are not capable of fulfilling all of investor’s investment needs in terms of income, growth and capital security.

We believe that investors should have access to the assets available to and used by institutions in order to build a genuinely diverse mix of assets within their portfolios. However gaining access to some markets or asset classes is not always possible via the traditional investment route or can be very expensive. That’s why by taking advantage of our expertise and close relationships with various financial institutions we are able to introduce the right products for intermediaries.

Quantifiable risk is a fundamental driver within the product selection process undertaken by financial institutions so that investors can understand where or why an investment proposition would fit alongside, or instead of, a traditional equity based investment in their portfolio.


The overriding principal for our product offering has been to introduce investments that are attractive and provide relevant solutions to investors’ needs. As part of this process we work closely with Independent Financial Advisers .

We are not hampered by any commitment to a particular management style or asset class. This means that we can introduce investments that offer excellent high quality returns from a very wide range of assets, financial institutions and geographic locations.


We are always committed to our associates by introducing tailored and differentiating business solutions to grow their franchises. We can assist in the creation and implementation of bespoke Investments, using a diverse range of underlying assets, counterparties with built in safety features, and various payoff options.

Developing their own products allows financial advisers to offer unique investments on competitive terms and adds a real value to the service they offer to their clients. We are always willing to listen to investment ideas and would encourage advisers to contact us to see we can help to build products designed to provide relevant solution to their clients’ needs.
At Regal we treat our business partners fairly and promote work environment built on trust, diversity and sound values.